Frequently asked questions

What is an Orbital Miner and how does it work? (Where do I get Asterium?)

The Orbital Miner is a block which, when activated, generates unique ingots and deploys a protective shield. The shield safeguards the miner, along with any grids within it, from harm and potential threats. The ingots produced by the Orbital Miner are used to construct enhanced versions of existing blocks and some new ones.

Broadcasting GPS States: The Orbital Miner communicates its status to all players on the server via GPS. This includes broadcasting when it is powering up (“Onlining”), when it is impervious to damage (“Invulnerable/remaining time”), or showing its current hit points. It takes one hour to power up, during which it remains vulnerable.

Adaptive Shield Status: The shield deployed by the Orbital Miner has its own hit points. When these hit points fall to 30%, the shield becomes invulnerable. In this state, the shield cannot be damaged, and all grids within it are safeguarded. However, players, even allies & owners, cannot enter the shield until the invulnerability period is over. Additionally, any ships that are in the shield when the invulnerability phases starts, will become stuck in the shield until the invulnerability period is over.

Customizable Invulnerability Timer: Players can exercise some control over when the invulnerability phase ends. There is a slider on the Orbital Miner interface that allows you to set the desired ending time for the invulnerability phase. This slider ranges from 0 to 23, and represents the UTC hour when you want the invulnerability to potentially end. 

Duration of Invulnerability: The invulnerability phase lasts for 48 hours. The exact ending time will be within 6 hours of the UTC hour that was set on the slider of the Orbital Miner interface. For instance, if you set the slider to “5”, the invulnerability phase will end randomly between 2:00 and 08:00 UTC, 2 days after the phase started.

Vulnerability Window: Once the invulnerability phase is over, it will not be reactivated unless the shield fully recharges to 100% of its hit points. After reaching 100%, if the shield’s hit points fall to 30% again, the invulnerability mechanic will be reactivated as described above.

Restrictions: Safe zones are prohibited near the Orbital Miner. Orbital Miners can not be placed close to each other. Orbital Miners must be near a planet or moon.

Where do I find Mercurite?

GPS:Mercurite :5777145.44:15724438.23:-12448927.41:#FF75C9F1:

What are the chat commands I need to know?
  1. !blocklimit mylimit: Shows your block limits
  2. /f: faction chat!
  3. !convert: convert faction member station to ship
  4. !grids list: Lists all grids you own at-least 50% of
  5. !fixship: Remove and re-paste your ship. Sometimes fixes weird behaviors. 

How do I report a player who is violating the server rules?

If you witness a player violating the server rules, please gather sufficient evidence (such as screenshots or video recordings) and contact a server administrator through discord, in-game chat, or our designated community platform. Our team is committed to resolving conflicts fairly and ensuring that everyone has a positive experience on our server.

Can I make suggestions for server improvements or new features?

Absolutely! We value player input and encourage you to share your suggestions for improvements, new features, or mods through discord. We frequently review and consider all submitted suggestions, and may implement them if they align with our server’s goals.

Does the server have any specific events or competitions?

Yes, Klang Dynasty hosts various events and competitions to keep the gameplay engaging and dynamic. Events can include PvP battles, building contests, and resource gathering challenges. Stay tuned to our website and community platform for announcements on upcoming events and how to participate.

Is there a server wipe schedule? If so, how often does it occur?

To maintain a balanced and optimized gaming experience, Klang Dynasty may perform periodic server wipes, but this is very rare. The frequency and schedule of server wipes depend on various factors, such as server performance, updates, and community feedback. Server wipe schedules will be announced in advance on our website and discord to give players ample time to prepare.

Will my stuff be removed if I don’t play?

Players and their grids will be removed after 30 days of inactivity.